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Belly Dance Accessories & More!

No bellydance costume is complete without accessories. From coined jewelry to the eye catching gloves you'll turn on the attention when paired with any of our selections. Alluring Caftans and Assayas, Isis Wings and Tamborines... you name it, we've got it...all for YOU! is your one stop show for bellydance
accessories like zills, assayahs/canes, veils, veil fans and more. We have a
wide range of colors to match our costume sets and bedluhs so that dancers can
coordinate their ensembles accordingly. Our canes are the standard
"American Cabaret" style with curved handle. Our zills range in
styles from student to professional. The veil fans come as a set with right and
left handles and we also carry bellydance swords for balancing. Students and
teachers have featured our bright, colourful accessories in modern, fusion and
Tribal Bellydance Shows. Join the fan family and stock up on items for your