MissBellyDance.com is a top seller in wholesale Bellydance Costumes, Dance Troupe Wear, Tribal and Fusion Bellydance attire as well as bellydance professional costumes and ethnic dance jewelry. Located in the heart of Atlanta's International Community, our designer and staff are always researching and adding the latest bellydance fashions to our store. The designs are made to fit a wide range of bellydancers from plus size to petite. At MissBellydance.com you'll find everything you need.

      All MissBellyDance.com costumes are top quality, long lasting and sturdy featuring unique cuts and designs done by our lead designer in Turkey. In addition, we carry individual items like hip scarves, coin belts, ankle bracelets, bellydance tops, dance pants and fashionable items you can wear out for special occasions. For the musicians and middle eastern music lovers we carry a wide selection of zills (sagat) and cds. We also have the top bellydance instructional DVDs for practicing at home and on the go.

      Our online store is always being upgraded. If you don't see something you are looking for then call us toll free! We're more than happy to check our warehouse and get the costumes, jewelry and bellydance items you need for your next big event.

      We love when our customers leave messages for us on Facebook, Twitter or comment on our blog www.askmissbellydance.com Better yet, it's a joy to meet our fans when they visit the Atlanta warehouse. Be sure to tell us in advance that you're coming so we can give you a great tour of our dance studio and in store items. We appreciate your businesses and thank you for making MissBellydance.com your one stop shop for everything related to Raqs!



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